Participant Application Form

PLEASE NOTE: This is not really an “application”. It is highly unlikely anyone will be turned away from participating. This event is designed to be good for our communities and good for us, in all ways. The high level of detail gathered from this form is to help us better serve you and cohere our group Heart.

Various speakers are being brought together to talk about their niche, how it relates to what they feel is most important, and how that impacts the world for the better. We are currently working with a list of about 50 healers, thinkers, and change-makers.

We will soon be discussing as a group how revenue will be both earned and distributed back to participants for this event. The mailing list gathered will be shared amongst all participants.

There are a couple ways you can contribute to the event. Participants can give an hour-or-so prerecorded talk on how what you do helps people get in touch with what you feel is most important. Any of the hosts are also available to do interview/conversational style if that is how you’d prefer to generate content for the summit. For headliner participants, talks can be given in panel or Q&A style rather than solo or group prerecorded talks.

Conner Kees, Laura Rose Gage, Danielle Kane, and others will be sharing the hosting and interviewing duties.