Allowing life to unfold
through the Heart.

Transformational community coaching centered around heart consciousness and living the mystical life.

Join us live every Wednesday at 6pm PST/9pm EST to talk about how we can facilitate our Souls' coming into being.

Find community support throughout the week in our Telegram group chat.

Our community is free to join and is supported by the community.

Come join us.

Transformational Group Coaching

for spiritual seekers.

Praying In The Heart is free to join and is supported by the community. We have one mantra when it comes to this: just show up.

All the rest will fall into place.

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Laura Rose Gage believes that lasting, miraculous healing of the mind and body is found at the spirit level.  She is honored to witness and facilitate the soul’s work of her clients and community. Our existence is an amazing joyful gift! Laura hopes for everyone in her life to come to a place of being without condition and living from the sovereignty of our hearts. 

All of this to say really: Beloved. I am here. I am. You are. Your life and my life are without condition and by its very nature steeped in Love. Lay down your burden, surrender your fear and let us adventure together in this grand life.

Conner is a teacher, speaker, writer, and mystic. He is an acupuncturist, herbalist, permaculturist, and NLP practitioner. He has also served through professional astrology and Human Design, energywork, ancestral lineage repair, and divination. Together with Laura Rose Gage, he runs Living In The Heart, Praying In The Heart, and other community projects as well as offering one-on-one coaching.

Sister Projects by Laura & Conner

Praying In The Heart is an online prayer group that receives prayer requests from all over the world everyday, which are submitted directly to our members on the group's Telegram channel.

The Summit of Light is a heart-centered gathering of changemakers, healers, and visionaries from 50 leading figures in spirituality, natural medicine, metaphysics, and conscious living.